Discovering a natural world of magic and biodiversity

Discovering a natural world of magic and biodiversity

The Bosco di Maia Forest Reserve is a protected area in the picturesque hilly landscape of the municipality of Losone in Ticino. Thanks to a new nature trail, it is possible to easily enter an ecosystem of surprising vitality and rare charm.


Until the 1960s, agriculture was practiced in the Bosco di Maia area; until the 1990s, the forest was used for timber extraction. The gradual cessation of these activities allowed the tree vegetation to reclaim a large part of the area and develop naturally.


The forest reserve is exceptionally rich in species, including many endangered species. In addition to birds, mammals and a variety of other plant, fungal and animal species, Bosco di Maia is characterized by an important occurrence of amphibians and reptiles in its wetlands.


Schools, groups or individual visitors can get to know the Bosco di Maia through the new educational trail, where a series of information stations with QR codes have been set up to provide in-depth historical, cultural and scientific lessons.